Bhakthi Story: Dharmaraaya / Yudhisthira and his brothers in Naraka?

Dharmaraaya / Yudhisthira and his brothers in Naraka ?

It was the end time for all the Yadavas on this earth. All Yadavas fought with each other and got killed. Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma, after this phase of his life on earth went to aranyam for peace. He sat alone in the aranyam. The hunter by name Jara mistakenly thought the toe of the Bhagavan as the deer's and shot the arrow at the Bhagavan. It got struck at the middle of the toe of the Bhagavan. Later Bhagavan called the hunter Jara and told him that he was Vaali in his previous life. Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra had told to Vaali that in his next life as Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma, Vaali can kill swayam Bhagavan similarly as Bhagavan Sri Rama Chandra had killed Vaali.
After the physical body of the Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma left this earth all the pancha Pandavas along with Maata Draupadi lost there interest in this material life and started moving towards the Himalayas. with them was also a Swanam (Dog). After walking long-long distance all six started to feel the exhaustion. First Maata Draupadi left this earth, then it was Sahadeva, then it was Nakula, later it was Gandivi (Arjuna) and then later it was the Vaayu Swarupi Bhima. Thus Dharmaraaya lost all his brothers and Maata Draupadi.
By this time Dharmaraaya had lost all his interest in life, but he did not lost Dharma. He still kept on walking along with the Swanam. Then after some time Lord Indra Deva came in front of Dharmaraaya along with his ratha and asked Dharmaraaya to come inside the ratha. Dharmaraaya along with his Swanam started to move inside the ratha. But Lord Indra Deva insisted that no Swanams are allowed inside his chariot or inside the Swarga Loka. But the Dharmishtta, Yudhisthira told Lord Indra that without this Swanam he won't come along Lord Indra. Later Swanam took the shape of the Swayam Dharma itself (Lord Yama Deva) and told Yudhisthira that he has not lost his Dharma even at the end of life. Thus Yudhisthira went to Swarga Loka and saw Duryodhana their. He also saw Dushasana, Shakuni and many such kind of people. But he was surprised that he was not able to see his Mother Maata Kuni Devi, his wife Maata Draupadi Devi, his beloved younger brother Nakula & Sahadeva. His very close brother Arjuna. His mighty brother Bhima. Also he was not able to see his Pitamaha Bhisma or his guru Drona or his elder brother Karana. Dharmaraaya was in complete shock and surprised to see only the Kaurava clan and not his closest people. Thus Dharmaraaya asked Lord Indra Deva, why only Duryodhana, the adhama and his brothers & his close friends & relatives are present and why his own people are missing. Than Lord Indra Deva ordered one of the Demi-God and told him to show where all the Yudhisthira's people are.
That Demi-God took Yudhisthira to a place where only blood was flowing, where only bones were spread all over the place, where only hairs were scattered all over. It was a place where the bad smell was present. Where skulls of all types of living beings were present. Seeing all these, in Yudhisthira's mind thousands of questions started to flow. He started to think that what type of sins his sinless wife Maata Draupadi had done to be in this type of place, what type of sins his beloved younger brothers Sahadeva and Nakula had done to be in this type of place. What type of sins his close brother Arjuna has done, what type of sins does his mighty brother Bhima has done, what type of sins does his pitamaha has does and what type of sins does his all close friends, relatives, Gurus and others have done to be in place like this.
After thinking all these types of things, Yudhisthira turned on to the Demi-God and started to question him. Than again that Demi-God changes his Pratiroopam into Dharma (Lord Yama) and tells Yudhisthira that "Oh Great King, Oh Dharmishtta, Oh Dharmaraaya, My Son, you have again passed on the test which was conducted by Bhagavan Srimann Narayana". After this, Yudhisthira starts to see full of light around his. It started to be a blissfull place, full of Demi-Gods and related people of Swarga Loka. Yudhisthira see the place where the Swargadhipati lives. He sees all the Ashtta Digpaalakas. He sees all the Saptarushis their. Yudhisthira's face suddenly started to glow. He sees all his brothers, Maata Draupadi, Bhisma, and all his beloved people including the Kaurava brothers. Now Narada Maharushi comes and explains to Yudhisthira that he has passed the test and infact he is standing in the Swarga Loka.

Bhagavan always tests his beloved. Bhagavan tests more who like to follow the path of Dharma. He initially holds the hands of all the people, but he never leaves the hands of the people who follow the path of Dharma and Bhakthi.



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