Bhakthi Story: Krishna killed Ekalavya, but why?

Krishna killed Ekalavya, but why?

We all know that Ekalavya had made the clay statue of the Guru Dronacharya and he was practicing the Dhanur Vidya and was also had become master in some of the Dhanur Vidyas. 
After some time, Dronacharya comes to know about the Ekalavya practicing Dhanur Vidya by keeping a statue of himself. Once Dronacharya meets Ekalavya and asks him "why are you practicing Dhanur Vidya by keeping my statue in front" and for this Ekalavya replies that "Guru Deva I have accepted you as my Guru and I have been practicing Dhanur Vidya since than". 
Than Dronacharya after few days again meet Ekalavya and asks him right hand's Thumb finger as the Guru dakshina. Ekalavya without any hesitation cuts off his finger to give his Thumb as the Guru dakshina to his Guru Dronacharya. 
We should think why Guru Dronacharya did like this?. Was Guru Dronacharya was jealous of Ekalavya that one day Ekalavya will become a much better Dhanur Vidyashali than the Nara Shreshtta Arjuna. 
Ekalavya and his family were friends and supporters of Jarasandha, the arch rival of Yavada clan, that is Jarasansandha was one of the biggest enemy of Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma. And Guru Dronacharya knows if in the future if Ekalavya learns the mastery of archery than he may be a terror to Hastinapura, whose people were the worshippers of the Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma. This is the reason that Guru Dronacharya instead of harming or killing asks Ekalavya only his Thumb as the Guru dakshina. 
Also we should note that Ekalavya and Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma are the cousin brothers. Ekalavya was the tribal prince of the place called Magadha, and the leader of that tribe was the father of the Ekalavya called Vyatraja Hiranyadhanus who was the supporter of Jarasandha. Jarasandha was the biggest enemy of the Yadava and Kuru vamshas. Hiranyadhanus was the brother of the Vasudeva, the father of Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma. Hiranyadhanus never liked Vasudeva and his vamsha. This is the reason that Guru Dronacharya asked the thumb of the Ekalavya so that, Ekalavya would not be able to harm either Yadava vamsha or the Kuru vamsha.

After many years, Ekalavya had become full supporter of the Jarasandha and was a messenger in the court of Magadha, where Jarasandha was the King. Both Bheeshmakha (father of Maata Rukmini Devi) and Rukmi (brother of Maata Rukmini Devi) wanted Maata Rukmini Devi to get married to Shishupaala (son of Damaghosh, king of Chedi, by Srutadevi, sister of Vasudeva. Therefore he was not only cousin of Krishna, but also Krishna's implacable foe). When Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma kidnaps Maata Rukmini Devi, Ekalavya comes in front and asks Bhagavanta Sri Krishna Paramaatma to fight with him. Because of this Bhagavanta Sri Krishna Paramaatma hurdled a rock on the Ekalavya and kills him.

PS: Here Ekalavya should not be taken into consideration as an mere human, but as same as Jarasandha, means as Rakshasa and Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma's main purpose of the avatara on this earth was to destroy all the Rakshasas and make Bhoomaata free from the Rakkasas. There shouldn't be any sympathy for the Ekalavya as he and his father were the enemies of the Yadava and Kuru vamshas.



  1. The story is a method adopted by people who were well off during mahabharata to maintain the status quo by cunningly using the concept of dharma. It has 2 effects 1. it reinforces belief in dharma of upper varnas 2. it discourages other varna people from embarking achievements which was restricted to them by dharma. For more info refer conversion-of-lower-caste-icons-and-symbols-into-higher-varna/

  2. The currect URL is

  3. The article is trying to justify killing of eklavya. Drona believed in chaturvarna hence he asked for his thumb. If eklavya was a rakshas as article says he would have never given his thumb as guru dakshina to guru who never considered him disciple. He would have killed him instead. Please do not try to instil your broken derivation of mahabharat to others.

  4. Yadhava community should be protected ? great! caste-sim should always exists. Good do Brahmins mingle with Yadhava community by marriying girl or boy ? Great ! Also when Lord, who is sarva sakthiman Sri Krishna, can change a hunter into a epic writer as Valmigi, why couldn't he change Ekalavya as a saint or good hearted man ? Is God wekk in this matter ? So killing is the great solution for all these things ? Good Hindu path ? Yadhava was cursed by Dhurvasa Rishi and the entire community was destroyed because of liquor.. So, Is it a bad thing by Dhurvasa.. ? Why Sarva sakthiman bhagwan couldn't change the mind of Karna? ok ok, Let the upper caste flourish at the cost of downtrodden's life. ? Above all Sri Ramanuja must be killed as he wanted to uplift downtrodden. Long live Sanathan Dharma !

    1. Yes u r right. God can change Ekalavya , Duryodana, and also Karna. But then what is the purpose of their existence, god creates people they by their wisdom go in a right path if they are going in a wrong way god creates situations to change them even though when they didn;t get realised they experience their karma. Now they remained as an example for us to know how we will get destructed when we have evil / impure thoughts and actions. (if god can do anything he can also stop global warming that is happening today even when we destroy the nature, deplete its resources and pollute it . but it is not correct because we should realise our actions and change our selves).
      2. Warring is not just about shooting an arrow accurately. It is about strategy & control of mind/emotions. This is the reason why Arjuna was provided the teachings of Bhagvad Gita on the battlefield. Also, Drona and Bhishma provided a lot more Dharma teachings to Arjuna and others, to make sure they use their powers the right way.

      Think of the greatest generals in history. Were they the sharpest shooters or strongest warriors they have in their armies? Not necessarily. What matters is the ability to lead their men to victory.

      Eklavya was an unknown quantity. While Drona greatly appreciated his learning skills, having such a person is also dangerous without knowing his motives, mental composition and loyalty. Think of your comfort levels when you see a random kid on the street getting supersmart with an AK-47. While you might appreciate his skillset, you might also be leery of where his motivations/ambitions lie.

      It is plainly unfortunate that on Mahabharata turned it into a mere caste issue. Drona had to make a spot judgment on whether Eklavya was a risk to the society or not.

  5. we call somebody lord because of his/her karma. in shri krishna's case it is bhagvat geeta. he was polotician too.

  6. sorry to say but shri Krishna played with every one, sure eklavya was great archeror than arjuna & karna, who had support & training of Krishna & parshurama, same thing was done with Veer Barbarik.

  7. even i said krishna and arjuna both are colpits more than karna beeshma dhrona he killed for own causes not for dharma. we all know about kandava dahanam. who did it for what reason. lord krishna and arjuna dhan the kandava vanam. in that many small creatures and trees were killed for no purpose except his enjoyment.

  8. Originally born to Vasudeva's brother Devashrava (which by the way makes him Krishna's cousin!), Ekalavya got lost in the forest and was subsequently brought up by the Nishada king Hiranyadhanu. He was killed by Krishna during Rukmini's abduction. However, to honour the great sacrifice Ekalavya made as guru dakshina, Krishna blessed him so that he can reincarnate and take revenge on Drona. Hence, Ekalavya was reincarnated as Draupadi's twin Dhrishtadyumna.

  9. But Sri krishna give a boon to Ekalavya by seeing his courage to reborn as a warrior that's why he as a drustadamya and he killed Dronacharya in the war


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