Kaala Mahima

Kaala Mahima

Kaala Mahima is great. Kaalam is unavoidable, unbreachable and un-surpassable. Only the paramatma has control of it. Adi Sesha, the bearer of the worlds, is the Kaala swarupam and if you notice Lakshmana and Balarama who are Adi Sesha’s avatars were always with the paramaatma Raama and Krishna respectively. Under the influence of Kaalam, even great mightly warrior like Arjuna was not able to defeat mere thieves. Krishna’s brother Saathyaki and Krutaverma were one of the greatest yaadavas. Yet in the end they had to obey the result of their karma (because of muni shaapam for their arrogance, die in a petty fight amongst each other).

Arjuna arrives after the end of the avatar of Lord Krishna to Dwaaraka. He asks the residents of Dwaaraka to vacate the island as it would sink. He guards queens on their way to indraprastha. There the most distressing thing happens. He fails to ward of some thieves who kidnap and loot the ladies, the mighty Gaandiva fails to fire a single arrow. Later it is explained by bhagavaan Vyaasa about the power of time and its effects on everybody.

Garuda, the vaahana of Lord Vishnu, is one the strongest. A slight fanning of His wings would make the waters of the ocean spill out, showing the ocean’s bed. However, He too had to obey the rules of Kaalam and had to do daasyam for his cousins. The Naagas, the strong children of Kadruva, cousins of Garuda, ultimately had to go into the fires of the Sarpayaagam of Janamejaya, the prathama shrota of MahaaBhaarata. Their strength could not stop them from being burnt.

In order to imagine the enormous extent of Kaalam, consider the following:

Kaliyugam (Venkateshwara, Vikramaaditya) – 4,32,000 years.

Dvaapara (Krishna, Dharmaraaja) – 2*Kaliyugam

Tretaayugam (Raama, Lakshmana) – 3*Kaliyugam

Krutayugam (Narasimha, Harishchandra) – 4*Kaliyugam

Total is called one Mahaayugam – 4.32 million years

One Manu rules a Manvantaram composed of 71 Mahaayugams. (Current manu is Vaivasvata, the son of the Sun, Vivasva)

14 Manvantaraas is one day for Brahma and known as Kalpam. Other 14 will be nights.

For such 100 years, one Brahma is the shruti-karta. Next Brahma is Shri Hanuman and Bali chakravarti will be Indra in Saavarni Manvantaram. And such trillions and trillions of Brahmas have passed, so many that people no more have count of them. Imagine how tiny is the life of a human being in this! Yet a human has ahankaaram that surpasses everyone’s.



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