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Karma don't leave anybody - Story of Nageshvara - Nagatirtha

Karma don't leave anybody - Story of Nageshvara - Nagatirtha

Nageshvara Jyotirlinga

Outside view of the devasthanam (temple)

Raja Shurasena was the shasaka of the raajyam known as Prathisthana. Raja Shurasena did not had the children for a long samayam. But after a lot of prarthana and tapasya the royal couple had a putra. But to there aashcharyam, the putra which was born to them was in the form of a sarpam. This was kept as a rahasyam, even the mantries and close associates of the Raja didn't not informed about the form of the sarpam of his putra to anybody. They were only informed that the Raja and Rani have become the parents of a putra.

When the yuvaraja grew little older, the raja arranged for the vidhyabhyasam of his putra. Yuvaraja was very bright and in quick time he learnt all the Vedas, Puraanas, Itihaasaas, etc. After this Nageshvara insisted that he should get married soon and like to have a putra, otherwise he will go to the Narakam. For this Raja Shurasena was in the sandigna paristiti (dilemma). He thought who will get vivaaham to a sarpam. But Nageshvara was adamant about the vivaaham and insisted sooner he has to get vivaaham otherwise he will make aatya-hatya. Nageshvara advised to his pita, that there are different types of vivaaham and one among them is to make apaharanam of the naari to get vivaaham.

Later Raja Shurasena called upon his mantries and instructed them that his putra has come to the age of vivaaham and also he will be made Raja soon after the vivaaham. So please go and find a suitable baalika for his putra. And soon after the vivaaham of his putra, Raja told to Mantries that he will take upon the vaanaprasthana with his Rani. And offcourse Raja never told the mantries that his putra was a sarpam.

Raja Shurasena had one anubhavi mantri. This mantri told Raja that in the far east there is a Raja called Vijaya and has 8 putras and 1 putri named Bhogavati and this Bhogavati may be a best suit to there yuvaraja, Nageshvara said the mantri.

The mantri was later sent as the dootam (messenger) on behalf of the Raja Shurasena. Mantri met the Raja Vijaya and informed that because of some higly important karyam, the Raja and his putra Nageshvara are not able to come to this vivaaham. All kshatriyas had one type of paddati (custom), that if the vara (bride-groom) was not able to attend the vivaaham, then atleast one of aayudhams of the vara can be kept instead of the vara in the vivaaham. For this Raja Vijaya gave his sahamati and arranged for the vivaaham. After the vivaaham all the paricharakas were back to Pratishthana along with the vadhu Bhogavati.

After the return of all the paricharakas along with the vadhu Bhogavati, Nageshvara's maata arranged for a maid to go and speak to Bhogavati regarding the sarpa swaroopam of her son Nageshvara. Thus the maid went to Bhogavati and informed her that, her pati was indeed a sarpam, but was equal to a Deva. For this Bhogavati was more than santosham to know that her pati was a Deva and Bhogavati told to maid that she must have done some good karmas on her previous janumaas to get a pati of the stature of a Deva.

After this discussion, Bhogavati was brought in front of Nageshvara. As soon as Nageshvara saw Bhogavati he started to remember all about his previous januma. He saw that even in the previous januma he was sarpam and indeed even Bhogavati was also a sarpam and they were pati and patni in the previous januma also. With this Nageshvara also saw that both were with the Bhagavan Shiva as the sevakam of the Bhagavan Shiva.

He also saw that on one sandharbham, Bhagavan Shiva had laughed on a joke by Maata Parvati Devi and with this even Nageshvara had also laughed out at that instance. But this had annoyed Bhagavan shiva and inturn Bhagavan shiva had given a shapam to Nageshvara to be born as an human on the bhoomandalam, but in the form of a sarpam. But Bhagavan Shiva also instructed Nageshvara that soon after he takes a snanam in the pavitra nadi Goutami Ganga (or Godaavari), then Nageshvara will be free from the shapam and can lead a normal human life. All these were explained to Bhogavati by Nageshvara and even Bhogavati started to get the feel of her earlier life. Then later both the couple went to Goutami Ganga and took snaanam. Soon after Nageshvara took snaanam he became of normal human being. Then after the maranam of his pita Shurasena, Nageshvara became the Raja of the Prathisthana pradesham and was in santosham with his patni, children and his prajam.

Also Nageshvara built a Bhagavan Shiva devasthanam on the nadi teeram of the Goutami Ganga and thus that pradesham was known as the Naagateertham.

This Bhagavan Shiva devasthanam is one of the 12 jyotirlingam found on the bhoomandalam. The place Nagateertham in the present day is situated in Gujarat, near Dwarka. Also it should be noted that Nagateertham is the first ever jyotirlingam on the bhoomandalam.

It is said even the Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma and the pancha Paanchavas were doing pooja in this place.

PS: We should always remember that until our previous januma karmaas are not cleared we have to be according to our karmas, nothing can be done about it. Only Bhagavan Naama Smaranam is the only way.



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