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King Vena and King Prithu

King Vena and King Prithu

Raaja Prithu chasing BhooMaata in the form of GoMaata (cow)

Raaja Prithu praying to BhooMaata in the form of GoMaata (cow)

In the family tree of the Dhruva, there used to be a raaja known as Raaja Vena. He was highly ADharmi, he was not at all following the Dhama, he was against Bhagavan Vishnu. He was questioning all his praja and rushi that why should Bhagavan Vishnu should be given so much of importance. He was telling to others that he himself is far superior to Bhagavan Srimann Narayana. Many maha rushis tried to persuade Vena, but always it was in vain. All the rushis, brahmanas, and all the learned people decided that Vena should be killed for the loka udharam and in the hita-shakthi of all the praja. So all the rushis chanted mantras to kill Vena over a darbam (grass) and using that simple darbam they killed Vena.

Now a new sankattam started that who will rule this bhoomandalam without a good raaja, since even Vena didn't had any shishu. Therefore all the rushi started to knead the thighs of the Vena and thus came out a dwarf who just looked like a short kambham (pillar). Just after this, that dwarf started to ask, "what should I do"?. On this the rushis told the dwarf that you first sit here. Thus the dwarf's naamam (name) was known as Nishadha, since immediately after the janmam of Nishadha he sat down. Thus the next generations of Nishadha went to Vindhya parvatam (Vindhya mountains).

Now the rushis started to knead the right hand of the dead body of Vena. Thus came another man with a prajvalita deham and also fell from the aakaasham the dhanush (bow), baanams (arrows) and kavacham (armour) beside Prithu. Seeing all these, the rushis came to know that is not a saadharana purusha and must have been sent by swayam Bhagavan Vishnu. Even samudra raaja came with lot of aabharanam to give as present to Prithu. Even BrahmaDeva came from the Satya Lokam to see Prithu. On his arrival, BrahmaDeva saw a chakra mark on the right hand of the Prithu. Thus even BrahmaDeva came to know this is no saadharana manushyam and should be an amsha of the swayam Bhagavan Vishnu. This man cannot be a shatru of the devas, that is Prithu is not like the Vena. But a supporter of the Devas, also BrahmaDeva came to know that Prithu will be a Dharmaatma and will follow all the Dharma of the Sanaatana Dharma.

Prithu was made the raaja of this entire bhoomandalam. On knowing that Prithu became the raaja of the entire bhoomandalam, even oceans gave the way to Prithu to cross easily without any problem. Mountains were in santosham. Also the bhoomaata gave the crops without any watering. Honey came out of the pushpam just like the water falls. Such was the mahaanata of the Raaja Prithu. Soon after this Raaja Prithu started to do Yagnas. From this yagna there came the Sutas and Magadhas. Both Sutas and Magadhas started to sing sangeetam in the prashamsham of the Raaja Prithu. 

But the time interval between the Vena and the Raaja Prithu was very short. There was no proper food to eat, no shelter to many poor people, crops were not growing properly, there was only dry land all across the world.  This happens when there is no raaja on this bhoomandalam or also happens when there is no correct raaja on this bhoomandalam. So all the praja went to Raaja Prithu and described all there grievances and told Raaja Prithu that they have no aahaaram, no jalam, no crops are growing, every where it is like Kshamam. Please make sahaayam of us, kindly save us from this paristiti. Hearing all these, Raaja Prithu took his dhanush and baanam and started to chase the bhoomaata who had taken the form of the Go (cow). Go maata had thought that Raaja Prithu is chasing her to kill her. But Raaja Prithu was chasing BhooMaata who was in the form of GoMaata to restore the jadi-bootthi (herbs), crops, and many other things which are very essential for the use of every saadharana manushyam. Thus finally somehow Raaja Prithu caught hold of the bhoomaata and restored few of the available jadi-bootthi, crops and all the essential items which were necessary by the humans and all the living beings on this bhoomandalam. Earlier to this there was no nagara (city), no grama (village), no dhanyam, no pashu-sangopanam (animal husbandry), no vyavasaayam (agriculture), no vyavahaaram (trading). Thus, because of the Raaja Prithu everything was possible. 

Because of all the good karmas of the Raaja Prithu, our bhoomandalam is also known of Prithivi.

PS: It should be noted that our rushis had the powers, which could easily destroy even great raajas. Just using a simple darbam they were able to kill Vena. That is the greatness of our rushis. Also it should be noted that Raaja Prithu was the first raaja of this bhoomandalam who restored many things and also who started many new things which was of great help to every human being and also to all living beings on this bhoomandalam. So a big namaskaaram to Raaja Prithu.



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