Naarada maharshi upadesham to Dharmaraaya about the raajya bharam

Naarada maharshi upadeshamto Dharmaraaya about the raajya bharam

Naarada (Naaram is Gnyaanam. He is the one who gives Gnyaanam) is one of the highly regarded bhakta of Sri Mahaavishnu. For many great Bhaktas, Yogis, Maharshis He was the Guru. It is well known that with His anugraham only one gets Bhakti. He was the Guru of Aadi Kavi Valmiki, Veda Vyaasa, Dhruva, Prahlaada, Haryashwaas & Shabalashwaas, children of Dakshaprajaapati, Chitraketu, …. (the list goes on). He did divya-upadeshas to Saavitri, Dharmaraaja, Duurvaasa, Sanat-kumaras ….. It is because of Him only we today know about Satyanaaraayana Vratam, which is the easiest way to attain Iham and Param in Kaliyugam. He gave us Naarada-smruti, Naarada Bhakti-suutras. He is the pravartaka of Mahaabhaaratam in Devalokam.
Naarada maharshi’s darshanam in Mahaabhaaratam happens in Sabhaa-parvam. He came to see the Raajyaabhishekam of Dharmaraaja in Maya-sabha. Yudhishthira went and recieved Naarada maharshi and did Atithi-seva. Naarada maharshi gave His aashiirvaadam and said “O Dharmaraaja! I am happy to see the abhishekam of the Dharmadevata in human form (Yudhishthira, the amsha of Yamadharmaraaja).
Will you follow all the ways which your ancestors and elders followed and did Dharma-sthaapana? Will you look after all the people in your Raajyam with Samaana-drushti? I am sure you are not having dhana-lobham and treating some with Prema and the others with Dvesham. If such a thing is done then it will lead to anarthas. And ultimately this will destroy the King only. A Raaja must be a Maarga-darshi for the praja. Dhana-kaanksha will lead to Sarva-naashanam.
Sleeping in the day, staying awake in the night leads to anaarogyam. Your Mantris must be duty oriented, have nirmala-manas, have Kushaagra-buddhi, have no Svaartham. You must test the Vidya, Vivekam and Shiila-svabhaavam of people and recruit them as Government officials.
You must never give Unnata-padavi to adhamas and madhyamas; and for uttamas give alpa-padavi. Because of this the people who get Unnata-padavi will not know how to do the job, the people who get alpa-padavi will face avamaanam and may try to spoil the Govt. out of frustration.
You must do your own duty; if you hand it over to your sub-ordinate, then your respect will decrease and will lead to your downfall.
The Govt. servants must be paid good salaries. You must be extra careful with the people who do praana-tyaagam and save the Kingdom. You must only carefully look after their families. Else no one in future will voluntarily come forward for Desha-rakshana. Desha-rakshana will thus be destroyed. It is the most important duty of you to look after them well.
Of the Govt. servants some will be very bright. They perform there duties very well. You must recognise them and keep promoting them only to higher posts. Else these bright people will loose Utsaaham and this will destroy your Raajyam and will also cause apakhyaati to you.
Similarly you must do ghana-sanmaanam to people who do saahasa-kaaryas and people who are Panditas. Remember always there will be very few people who will be Panditas and have Pratibha. The very presence of such people in your Raajyam will increase your Raajyam’s glory.
Your Raajyam will have two kinds of calamities: one Natural (due to storms, floods etc.); the other because of people who dont have Samskaaram and are muudhas (since they are muudhas they dont listen to others, thinking that whatever they do is good). Pashutvam will be very high in them. If Raaja is a dhiishaali, then these people will lead there life in some corner. If not, these people only will do himsa and loot the people. Additionally if the King has dhana-lobham, these people will rob the people in King’s name. A King must always see that the number of such muurkhas, muudhas doesnt increase.
Immediately you must punish the people who deserve to be punished according to the Danda-neeti-shaastram. Whatever may happen you must never leave them unpunished. Else robbery, murders, everything will increase. There is no bigger foolishness than leaving such people.
King must ensure that Praja dont have agni-pramaadam etc. He must provide heath-care to all and ensure everybody gets pure water.
It is the duty of the King to protect Anaathas, handicapped etc. You must appoint Tax collectors with utmost care. You must not appoint muurkhas who cut Sandal-wood trees for wood. Tax collectors must collect tax carefully like how a garland-maker carefully makes the garland without spoiling the flowers.
Many foreign business people come to your Raajyam. You must not burden them with heavy taxes. Else they will never come again. In the same way you must ensure that they pay taxes very promptly.
You must look after your health properly and eat aahaaram which is prepared with Parishubhrata (and prepared in a way as recommended by our Shaastras). Along with physical health if the King needs to maintain mental health he must spend some time in Sat-kaalakshepam with Sat-purushas and Panditas.
O Dharmanandana! I know that you know all these. However it is my vidhi (duty) to tell you all this.”

Every line in this story shows things which even recent Kings like Shri Krishna Deva Raaya and chatrapati Shivaji firmly followed. (and exactly the things not at all followed today??).



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