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Prachetas and there wife Marisha

Prachetas and there wife Marisha

In the vamsham of the Raaja Prithu, there was a Raaja called Raaja Prachinvarhi, whose vivaaham took place with the putri of Samudra Raaja, Savarana. With this vivaaham ten putras were born and they were known as Prachetas. These ten Prachetas performed ghana-ghora tapasya for ten thousand years inside the samudram. Here we should know why the ten Prachetas performed this type of tapasya for ten thousand years. Earlier BrahmaDeva had informed Raaja Prachinvarhi to make this bhoomandalam with lot of manushyas (people). So Raaja Prachinvarhi passed this kaaryam to his ten putras. But the ten Prachetas were unaware to how to go ahead with this kaaryam. Also Prachetas' father told his putras to pray to Bhagavan Vishnu to initiate the kaaryam as told by BrahmaDeva. Thus after hearing from there father, Prachetas started the ghana-ghora tapasya under the samudram.

When the ten Prachetas completed ten thousand years of ghana-ghora tapasya, Bhagavan Srimann Narayana came in front of them on his vaahanam Garuda Raaja. Thus the ten Prachetas requested Bhagavan Vishnu to grant them the aashirvaadam to make this bhoomandalam with the manushya jeevi. Thus granted the varam to the ten Prachetas by Bhagavan Vishnu. Soon after the ten Prachetas came outside the Samudram, they saw the bhoomandalam was covered with full of vruksham all over and even the vaayu was not able to flow in this bhoomandalam. With this krodam the Prachetas started to blow heavy vaayu and agni all over to make naashanam of the unwanted vruksham. 

On seeing the huge naashanam of the vruksham, ChandraDeva, who is the Raaja of the vruksham, was in dukham and immediately came in front of the Prachetas and tried to make samaadhanam to the Prachetas and also ChandraDeva informed to Prachetas in turn he will marry the Prachetas with a baalika naanam Marisha who the ChandraDeva had brought up (It also said that BrahmaDeva informed to Prachetas that Marisha can make vivaaham with the Prachetas). ChandraDeva also told the story of the Marisha to the ten Prachetas.

Many years before there lived a Rushi Kandu on the nadi teeram of Gomati. Rushi Kandu was performing a ghana-ghora tapasya. But IndraDeva didn't like this and tried to stop the tapasya. IndraDeva sent one apsara naamam Pramlocha. After reaching near to Rushi Kandu, Pramlocha started to dance with different positions to attract Rushi Kandu and the same thing happened. Rushi Kandu fell in premam of the Pramlocha and both got vivaaham. Both started to live with santosham for many many years. Thus one hundred years passed by and Pramlocha requested the Rushi Kandu to return back to swargalokam. But Rushi Kandu said that it is yet a very short time since you have come and please stay back for some more time. Thus again one more hundred years passed by and again Pramlocha explained her desire to return back to swargalokam. But the answer from the Rushi Kandu was the same to stay back by Pramlocha. Thus this went on and on and thus of total of nine hundred & eighty seven years, six months and three days had passed.

After this one evening Rushi Kandu called upon his apsara patni Pramlocha and told her to leave right now since it was already a day has passed and it is almost evening now. But Pramlocha told that it is already nine hundred & eighty seven years, six months and three days had passed. Hearing this Rushi Kandu was surprised and told Pramlocha to leave immediately and informed her go back to her place. On the way to swarga lokam, Pramlocha had got little sweat and thus this sweat was wiped up by Pramlocha and a drop of this sweat had fallen on the vruksham in which the baby carried out by Pramlocha also came out of the sweat and it fell on the leaf of a tree. With this a stree shishu was born and her naanam was Marisha.

In an earlier life Marisha had been married to a Raaja when she was very young. But unfortunately she lost her pati at her very young age. Thus Marisha had prayed to Bhagavan Vishnu to get her good and healthy husbands who can live with her for long times in her next janumas. Thus Bhagavan Vishnu had given the aashirvaadam to Marisha that in this januma she will get a good and healthy patis who would live with her for a very long-long time. Thus Marisha got vivaaham with the ten Prachetas at a same time and she lived with lot of santosham with her ten patis. A son named Daksha had born (he is the same Daksha who in the earlier januma had born to BrahmaDeva as Daksha and had all the qualities of a BrahmaDeva). 

Daksha had sixty putris. Of this sixty putri, ten were married to Dharma (Yama), thirteen got married to Brahmarshi Kashyapa, twenty seven were married to ChandraDeva, four to Arishtanemi, two to Angirasa, two to Krishasha and two to others.

The thirteen who got vivaaham to Maharshi Kashyapa were Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kala, Arishta, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha, Ira, Kadru and Muni. These thirteen were the most important to bhoomandalam because of these thirteen baalikas the jana sankyam of the living beings of the prithvi is directly correlated.



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