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Tirugubaanam (Boomerang) - Story of Pippalada and Dadhichi

Tirugubaanam (Boomerang) - Story of Pippalada and Dadhichi

Maharshi Dadhichi
Many years ago there used to be a rushi naamam Dadhichi along with his patni Suvarcha in an aashramam. Dadhichi's aashramam was next to the nadi Ganga. Dadhichi was so shakthishaali due to his tapasya, that even rakshasaas and daityaas were getting bhayam to enter the aashramam.

Once Devas after winning the yudham against the rakshasaas came to show respect towards the rushi Dadhichi. Dadhichi asked for the Devas about there faring in the yudham and also about there well being. Devas said "dhanyavaadam for asking about the yudham and our well being. Infact we have won the yudham and came to keep all our aayudhams in your aashramam. Because there is no surakshita pradesham then your aashramam on this bhoomandalam or in the tri-lokam. At presently we don't need these aayudhams as the rakshasaas have ran because of the fear of the Devatas attacking them again".

Rushi Dadhichi gave his sahamati towards the words of Devas and kept all the aayudhams in his aashramam.

But Dadhichi's patni was totally against her pati's sahamati and told Dadhichi that what if rakshasaas come to know about this. Won't they think that even you as their shatru. What will you do if rakshasaas come here and take all the aayudhams with them and what will you tell later to the Devas. What would you do if Devas blame you for the aayudhams if they won't get those when they ask for. 

After this, even Dadhichi started to think, that he might have committed a mistake by taking the aayudhams from the Devas and keeping it in his aashramam. Dadhichi told to his patni that he never thought all these when making angikaaram of their words and the aayudhams. But now I can't take back my word with Devas, said Dadhichi to his patni.

A hundred years passed by. Devas never came to collect their aayudhams. All aayudhams started to lose there lustre. Dadhichi was not aware how to preserve the energy of all those aayudhams. He washed all the aayudhams in the nadi Ganga and thus all the energy of the aayudhams got dissolved in that water. After this Dadhichi drank all that water and regarding the aayudhams all faded away as there energy got lost.

Finally the Devas came to Dadhichi and asked for their weapons. They said that again the rakshasaas have gained shakthi and they may attack us any time, so we need back our aayudhams. Please give back our aayudhams, they said to Dadhichi. But Dadhichi said to Devas that he has drunk all the energy of the aayudhams and also there aayudhams have faded away. But Dadhichi promised that after he dies, Devas can get uttamam and ati-uttamam ayudhams with the help of hos own bones. But Devas said that they don't want to lose a rushi like Dadhichi. But Dadhichi insisted that he must die for the welfare of the lokam and thus died. Later Devas called upon the Vishwakarma and instructed him that they want the most shakthishaali aayudhams out those bones of the rushi Dadhichi. Vishwakarma was a pioneer in making aayudhams and he made the aayudham called Vajra-yudha and many other weapons using the bones of the Dadhichi and gave it to the Devas.

Suvarcha was away when this ghatthanam took place. After knowing that her pati was no more she tried to make aatma-hatya by immolating herself. But at that time she was in garbhavastam, so she did not die. But later delivering the purusha shishu, she immediately died after giving the shishu to a pippala vruksham (fig tree) to look after the shishu. Thus since this shishu was looked after by a pippala vruksham, that shishu came to be known as Pippalada. Since Chandra Deva was the raja of the trees, pippala vruksham requested for some amritam from the Chandra Deva. Chandra Deva thus obliged and gave little bit of amritam to Pippalada to drink. Thus after drinking the amritam, Pippalada became very shakthishaali. After sometime Pippalada grew up little and was wanted to know how his pitaa and maata died. Pippala vruksham told all the katha of how his pitaa and maata died. Pippala got krodham and was willing to take revenge after he came to know about the unfortunate end of there pitaa and maata. Pippala vruksham requested to Chandra Deva for the sahaayam. For this Chandra Deva replied that Pippalada is too young to think of taking revenge against Devas. Before that Pippalada must learn how to make upayogam of the aayudhams, how to fight in the yudham, how to tackle the shatrus and many more things. But before that Chandra Deva instructed Pippalada to go to the nadi teeram of the Goutami Ganga (or Godaavari) near Dandakaaryanyam. Take snaanam there and pray for Bhagavan Shiva and I am sure that Bhagavan Shiva will become prasanna with you and will give you the required aashirvaadam. Thus Pippalada set to the nadi teeram of Goutami Ganga, took snaanam there and started to make prarthana of the Bhagavan Shiva. Finally Bhagavan Shiva become prasanna with the Pippalada's prarthana and asked Pippalada what aashirvaadam to you require. For this Pippalada asked to Bhagavan Shiva that he want to do make hatyam (kill) of all the Devas. For this Bhagavan Shiva told Pippalada that he has the third eye in his mastakam and whenever he sees that third eye, Bhagavan Shiva will fulfill Pippalada ichham (wish). Later Pippalada tried to see the third eye of the Bhagavan many a times, but Pippalada was never passed this test of Bhagavan Shiva. But Pippala was always thinking of the revenge and thus Pippalada started to do more ghana-ghora tapasya to fulfill his own wish. And finally he was able to see the third eye of the Bhagavan Shiva. But by this time Pippalada had turned into a rakshasa, because of his negative thinking. Meanwhile Bhagavan Shiva's third eye was born as a stree ashwam (mare, female horse). Thus the rakshasa Pippalada asked the stree ashwam that he needs to see the mruta dehams of all the Devas who were the cause for the deaths of his maata and pita. And thus Pippalada ordered the stree ashwam to make hatyam of the Devas.

For this the stree ashwam started to attack the Pippalada himself. Pippalada was shocked to see this and asked the stree ashwam, why it is attacking him instead of killing the Devas. For this stree ashwam replied that since he is the son of the rushi & he was created by the Devas (remember that Chandra Deva's help earlier) and thus he himself was like a Deva, that for this reason that stree ashwam is attacking Pippalada first.

After this Pippalada ran towards Bhagavan Shiva to save himself from the stree ashwam. Thus Bhagavan Shiva earmarked a place in the aaranyam of the Dandakaarnyanyam. In this place this stree ashwam was not having the permission to enter and thus Pipplada was surakshitam in that place. Whereas Devas also asked for the help of Bhagavan Shiva against the Pippalada. Bhagavan Shiva instructed Pippalada that there is no use of the revenge and he definitely cannot make hatyam of the Devas as they have drunk the armitam. And told Pippalada to control his anger without which he neither can win over anything nor he can bring back the jeevams of his maata and pita. Thus Pippalada obliged the words of Bhagavan Shiva. But Pippalada was willing to see his maata and pita once. Thus a vimaanam descended towards the Pippalada in which both of maata and pita of Pippalada were seated. Thus Dadhichi and Suvarcha told to Pippalada to make samaadhanam of himself and be at shanti. They also said to get vihaaham & have children and be happy in his jeevanam.

While the stree ashwam became jalam and merged with the Ganga maata.

PS: There is no upayogam of taking revenge or thinking negative in our lives. Many a samayam what we think to happen to our shatrus can become the tirugubaanam (boomerang) to us itself. We have come here to complete our karmas and to go back, only this should be our aim and to do Bhagavan naama smaranam.



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