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Killing of Narakasura (or Bhaumasura) by Sri Krishna

Killing of Narakasura (or Bhaumasura) by Sri Krishna

Krishna and Satyabhama Devi sitting on Garuda Raaja. Bhoomaata praying to Krishna. Narakasura after been killed by Krishna using the Sudarshana Chakra

Narakasura, was the putra of Dharitri (Bhoomaata) and Bhagavan Vishnu. Narakasura became a rakshasaa due to association of another rakshasaa known as Banaasura. Narakasura had won all the three lokas (Bhumi, Swagnam and Patala). Also Narakasura was also making apaharanam of many sundari stree from all these three lokas and was keeping imprisoned in his raajyam.

Narakasura was also attacking the three lokas and was stealing many valuable things. He had stolen many of the Indra's gajas, ashwas, etc. He had stolen Aditi's (Devas maata) ear-rings, Varuna Deva's Umbrella, play ground of the Devas known as Mani Parvata and was also planning to steal Airavata (Indra Deva's gaja). With all these things happening to the three lokas and especially everything was going against the Indra Deva. Thus Indra Deva felt highly avamaanam. With this avamaanam Indra Deva went straight to the Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma, as Indra Deva was wanting his Swarga lokam back, also Indra Deva was wanting to take revenge against Narakasura.

Indra Deva came to Krishna and explained everything to Krishna. Immediately after hearing the grievances of the Indra Deva, Krishna thought of attacking Narakasura and killing him instantly. But at the samayam, when Indra Deva came to Krishna, Satyabhama was also present with Krishna. Here Krishna was not willing to leave Satyabhama alone and go for the yudham. On the other hand, Krishna cannot tell to Indra Deva, that he cannot help him in that situation. So Krishna took Satyabhama along with him. He called upon the Garuda Raaja. Both Krishna and Satyabhama sat on the Garuda Raaja and they both straight away went to the raajyam of Narakasura. 

While entering the raajyam of Narakasura, a rakshasa naamam Mura attacked krishna. Instantly, Krishna cut off the head of the rakshasa Mura along with his seven putras using the Sudarshana Chakra. After knowing that the rakshasa Mura had went to Yamalokam, Narakasura himself came outside to fight against Krishna on a gaja. As soon as Narakasura came down to battle field he threw his fierce lance at the Krishna. But nothing can harm the swayam Bhagavan. On the other hand Krishna sent all the sainikaas of the Narakasura to the mruthyu lokam. Than later using the Sudarshana Chakram, Krishna cut off the seeram (head) Narakasura. 

As soon as Narakasura was killed his maata, Bhoodevi was very happy as she thought that having a putra like Narakasura is equal to not having a putra itself. Bhoomaata sang many songs praising the Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma. Bhoomaata also requested Krishna to make Baagadatta, who was the putra of Narakasura the adhipati for the raajyam of the Narakasura. Thus all the Devas from the Swarga lokam showered pushpam on the Bhagavan. 

Bhoomaata went down to Krishna and handed over all the items that was stolen by Narakasura and which he had kept with his mother. Also Bhoomaata requested Krishna to pacify Baagadatta, as he was afraid of his pita, Narakasura. After pacifying Baagadatta, Krishna went inside the raajabhavanam of Narakasura and found that 16,100 young women were imprisoned by Narakasura. Krishna freed all the 16,100 young women. While all the women were not willing to leave the place and were not willing to go to there own places, since they all were abducted by Narakasura. If they went back to there places, than the people around them will ill-talk about them. So all the sundaris requested Krishna to marry him. Thus the Karunaasaagara, Krishna married all the 16,100 women. After this all the 16,100 women went to Dwaraka, to the Krishna's raajabhavanam. While Krishna along with Satyabhama went to Swarga lokam and gave away the earrings to Aditi Devi. Also both Indra Deva and Sachi Devi (wife of Indra Deva) took blessings from the Krishna.

On this same occasion, Krishna fought with Indra Deva & many Devas and took away the Paarijaata tree from swarga lokam and gave it to Satyabhama Devi, as per the request of Satyabhama Devi. Indra Deva, his patni Sachi Devi and Devas were not willing to give that Paarijaata tree. But because, Satyabhama Devi liked the tree and it's smell, Krishna uprooted the tree and gave it to Satyabhama Devi (To know the story of the tree Paarijaata, please visit this link )

PS: Here it should be noted that all the 16,100 young women by their own will requested Krishna to marry him. There was no hard rule that all these women should be marrying to Krishna. Only the request of those women Krishna got married to all 16,100 women. Apart from these 16,100 women, Krishna had got married to another eight women namely Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambuvati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshmana. Krishna got married to all these 16,108 women as Krishna was the swayam Bhagavan. He has the power to do anything. If he has the power to kill Kamsa, if he has the power to kill Putana, if he has the power to kill Narakasura, Dhenukaasura, Pralambhasura, Chanoora, etc, etc, etc than he has the power to marry as many wives as he likes. We ordinary humans shouldn't be thinking that Krishna has got married to so many women, why not we shouldn't have more than one wife. No, sorry, we are ordinary humans. We as humans cannot overload ourselves with more than one wife. Even if we get marry to more than one wife also, than it is difficult to look after those wives or to pacify them all the time. Krishna's all the 16,108 wives were always happy. They did not fought with each other. Krishna, swayam Bhagavan, was always there with all the 16,108 wives all the time, throughout the life. We as humans cannot do those things. Let all of us be ordinary humans and try not to be Bhagavan or not to try to enact like Krishna.



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