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Killing of Rukmi (Rukmini's brother) by Balaraama in a simple game of dice

Killing of Rukmi (Rukmini's brother) by Balaraama in a simple game of dice

Balaraama trying to kill Kalinga using gadam after killing Rukmi

(Before reading this story, I suggest you to read the following two stories to the better understanding of the below story)

Anirudhha's parents were Pradhyumna and Rukmaavati (she was the daughter of Rukmi). 

On the occasion of the vivaaham of the Anirudhha and Rochana (Rukmi's grand daughter), Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma and Balaraama along with many Yadavas arrived in the raajyam of Bhojataka (Rukmi's raajyam).

During this time, some of the raajas who were friends of the Rukmi gave ill-advise to Rukmi to invite Balaraama to play a game of dice. Balaraama was addicted in playing the game of dice, instead he himself not being good at that game. All the raajas wanted to defeat Balaraama and wanted to humiliate him. For this even Rukmi agreed and invited Balaraama for the game of dice.

Rukmi and Balaraama started to play the game of dice. The first pandyam was for the four thousand swarnam (gold). In the first game itself, Balaraama lost. Again the second game was played. In this also, Balaraama lost lot of swarnam. Similarly in the third game also, Balaraama lost lots of swarnam. After this lose the king of Kalinga and Rukmi started to make fun of Balaraama and they both laughed at Balaraama. On this Balaraama felt avamaanam and he got lot of krodham. In the next game Balaraama placed four crores of swarnam as the pandyam. In this game Rukmi threw the dice and finally Balaraama won.

Balaraama got lot of excited and said, "I have won". But Rukmi said that you have not won the game since I have not yet agreed on this game. But an aakaashavaani came from the aakaasham and said that this game was eventually won by Balaraama, since Rukmi had threw the dice, even though he may have not agreed upon the game. Since he threw the dice, this means mentally Rukmi has agreed upon the game. On hearing this Balaraama using the dice killed Rukmi. Also Balaraama broke the teeth of king of Kalinga using the gadam (club), since using those teeth he had laughed at Balaraama. Balaraama also killed many of the kings who were present there and who were also the friends of the Rukmi.

While all this was happening Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma didn't uttered a single word. He knows if he would had talked favoring Rukmi, than his brother would had not been happy. While on the other hand if Krishna had supported Balaraama, then Rukmini would had felt really bad as her brother was killed on the occassion of the marriage of their grandson Anirudhha with Rochana.

PS: The game of gambling is always bad and results in the worst of the situations. We know the game of dice between Pandavas and Kauravas also and the result of that game was also very-very bad. Gambling shouldn't be done in any situation. Also getting marriage in blood relationship is incorrect according to our vedas, puranas and samskruti. Here the marriage is being arranged by Krishna only because Rukmi was wanting to do some favour to his sister Rukmini, otherwise in the present yuga, the marriage within blood relationship is strictly prohibited, since the children born may not be in healthy condition.



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