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Marriage of Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma with Maata Rukmini Devi

Marriage of Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma with Maata Rukmini Devi

Krishna making apaharanam of Rukmini. Behind Balaraama & many Yadavas fighting with Rukmi's friends

Krishna punishing Rukmi
Raaja Bhishmaka was the raaja of the raajyam Kundina. Bhishmaka had two santaanam, one putra named Rukmi and one putri named Rukmini. Both Krishna and Rukmini were liking each other and they wanted to make vivaaham. But Rukmini's brother Rukmi didn't like Krishna, and thus he was a wall between Krishna and Rukmini. Bhishmaka was also a mitra of Raaja Jaraasandha. So Bhishmaka was also supporting Rukmi and both Bhishmaka and Rukmi decided to make vivaaham of Rukmini with Shishupaala, and also all the arrangements for the vivaaham was also taking place. All the mitras of Jaraasandha went to Kundina to witness the vivaaham of Rukmini and Shishipaala. Meanwhile, even many of the Yadavas also went to Kundina including Krishna and Balaraama. But one day before the vivaaham, Krishna made apaharan of the Rukmini.

Soon after, many raajas like Poundarika, Dantavakra, Viduratha, Shishupaala, Jaraasandha and Shalva all attacked the Yadavas so that they can make hatyam of the Krishna. But who can touch Krishna. On the other hand Balaraama and other Yadavas defeated all these raajas in no time.

While Rukmi, made sankalpam that he won't enter the Kundina, until he makes hatyam of the Krishna. He followed Krishna with many ashwas, gajas, rathams, sainikaas, but he was not even able to touch Krishna. Krishna easily defeated Rukmi and his sahapaatis. After Rukmi got defeated by Krishna, Rukmi was enraged with Krishna and Rukmi told to his sodari Rukmini, that she won't be able to stay with Krishna for a long time. Hearing these words Krishna was wanting to make hatyam of Rukmi, but Rukmini requested Krishna that she is having only one brother and she don't want to see his brother been killed. So Krishna cut off half portion of the head's hair and half of the moustache of the Rukmi and sent Rukmi with humiliation. Doing thus means almost killing somebody. 

Thus Rukmi was not able to go to Kundina, as he had taken sankalpam of not entering Kundina without making hatyam of Krishna. For this Rukmi built a new pradesham known as Bhojataka and started to live in this place.

Krishna, than later brought Rukmini to Dwaraka and got married with her. They had a putra called Pradyumnya and another nine putras and one putri.
The names of the other nine putras of Rukmini and Krishna are Charudeshna, Sudesna, Charudeha, Sucharu, Charugupta, Bhadracharu, Charuchandra, Vicharu and Charu. The name of the daughter was Charumati.

PS: Here it should be noted that without the sankalpam of Bhagavan, nothing can happen. How much ever we humans may try, but if Bhagavan doesn't wishes, than all of our prayatnas are in vain. But if we are doing something good than we should try our best, the phalas and pratiphalas are left to him.



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