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Did Lord Krishna Prove his Divinity?

Did Lord Krishna Prove his Divinity?
Absolutely yes, without any doubt.

Anyone can claim to be God, but who can actually prove it?
Lord Krishna performed miracles that only God can perform.
  • When Lord Krishna was 7 years old, he lifted a mountain (26 miles in perimeter) and held it up with his one hand for 7 days. Witnessed by tens of thousands of people who were standing underneath the mountain.
  • Lord Krishna expanded his body into 16,108 forms. Which means he duplicated his body into 16,108 identical bodies. That is Lord Krishna was giving importance to all of his 16,108 wives equally and no partiality.
  • Lord Krishna in his Ram incarnation built a bridge between India and Sri Lanka by making stones float on the sea. NASA has satellite images of this bridge built by Lord Rama around 1.296 million years ago. We should note that each Kali yuga is 4,32,000 years (present yuga or period - Out of this totally only over 5,000 years have passed). Each Dwapara yuga (Lord Krishna's yuga or period - 2 * Kali yuga = 2 * 4,32,000 = 8,64,000 years, in which Lord Krishna took birth at the end of the Dwapara yuga). Each Treta yuga (Lord Rama's yuga or period - 3 * Kali yuga = 3 * 4,32,000 = 12,96,000 years). If we consider that Lord Rama took birth at the end of Treta yuga, than it is atleast over than 1.296 million years before).
  • Lord Krishna showed the whole Universe in his mouth several times.
  • Many atheists tried to kill Lord Krishna, but Lord Krishna very easily defeated them all and also gave them on the spot liberation. Lord Krishna is most merciful; he gives liberation even to those who try to kill him. The Lord can give on the spot liberation; one does not need to wait for the Day of Judgment.
  • Lord Krishna brought back to life many dead people including the six children of Devaki.
  • Lord Krishna cured diseased people including transforming a hunchback woman into a most beautiful woman in return for offering sandalwood pulp to the Lord.
  • Lord Krishna destroyed all the wicked Kings and evil people who were tormenting and harassing the public. People were saved in this very life.
  • Lord Krishna put out a big forest fire, simply by swallowing it whole.
  • Lord Krishna transformed himself into exact copies of others.
  • Lord Krishna granted Arjuna divine vision and reveled his spectacular unlimited form as the cosmic universe. In which Arjuna could see the various forms of Lord Krishna, and unlimited Planets while being seated in one place. He was also shown the past, present, and future.
  • When a woman called Draupadi was disrobed in a court of kings, she called out to Lord Krishna for help and he supplied her with an unlimited sari and thus she could not be disrobed.
  • Lord Krishna in his Maha Vishnu form, is so big that infinite number of Universes are coming out from his body with every exhalation, and with every inhalation, infinite number of Universes enter his body. When Maha Vishnu inhales or exhales just once, 311 trillion years pass on Earth.
Lord Krishna can make himself so small that he can enter the atom.


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