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Story of Mudgala, a great devotee of Bhagavan Sri Krishna

Story from hell: Residents of hell saved by utering namaha to Lord Krishna! Once a great Brahmana and a devotee of the Lord called Mudgala travelled to the abode of Yamaraj to meet him.When he saw the torturous punishments inflicted by the Yamadutas on the sinful living entities, he looked at them with compassion and they saw him.
At once they became purified and felt momentary bliss and relief from their hellish suffering.
Yamaraj explained to Mudagala that this was possible because of his glory of worshipping the Supreme Lord in your third previous life, and offering of charity made along with chanting the Lord's names along with 'namah' such as 'krishnaaya namah', 'vasudevaaya namah'.
Yamaraj also said, "Those who remember Lord Krishna, bow down to him, take shelter of Him and worship Him by chanting mantras like krishnaaya namah, vaasudevaaya namah, they are not under my jurisdiction."
Hearing this the living entities who were suffering in hell sta…