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Four varna of bharatiya sanaatana dharma / four variety (varNa) of bharatiya sanaatana dharma / hinduism

||SriKrishnaSarvottamam||: chatur varNa / four variety (varNa) in Bharatiya sanAtana dharma: In Bharatiya sanAtana dharma there are four varNa / variety, those are 'braahmana varNa', 'kshatriya varNa', 'vyshya varNa' and 'shUdra varNa'. 

The braahmana varNa is considered as the most intelligent / thinkers. 
The kshatriya varNa is considered as the warriors. 
The vyshya varNa are those who are involved in trading / business field. 
And finally & most importantly the shUdra varNa are those who help the other four varNa & also who are involved in the agricultural / farming work. 

We need to understand here that Sri Bhagavan / Sri Hari has classified these four varNa / variety / group. All four varNa are very important to lead a normal life on this bhoomi / earth. 

The braahmana varNa has to do their duties of learning, teaching etc. The kshatriya varNa has to protect everybody and anything. The vyshya varNa has to do the trading, business job. And also s…

We all have seven mothers - Who all are our mothers

According to Bharatiya Sanaatana Dharma / Vedic Scripture we have seven mothers, let us know who they are :
From our śāstra / shastra, it is also said that there are seven mothers. ādau mātā guru-patni
brāhmaṇi rāja-patnikā
dhenur dhātrī tathā pṛthvī
saptaitā mātaraḥ Adau mAtA guru-patni brAhmani rAja-patnikA dhenur dhAtrI tathA prthvI saptaitA mAtarah
read as:
aadau maataa guru-patni braahmani raaja-patnikaa dhenur dhaatrii tathaa prithvi saptaitaa maatarah
1st: Our mother, means the mother who has given us the birth 2nd: Guru-patni, the wife of spiritual master or teacher. Means one whose Guru's wife is our second mother. 3rd: brāhmaṇi, the wife of a brāhmaṇa. Means the wife (braahmani) of any brahmana. 4th: rāja-patnikā, the queen, she is also mother. Means the wife of the king. 5th: Dhenu, cow. Means any cow for a matter is our mother. 6th: dhātrī, nurse. If we are not well and if somebody helps us in healing us, then that lady is also our mother. 7th: tathā pṛthvī, as…