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does sri hanumanta devaru was agnani (mindless / fool) to not to recognize the sanjeevini aushadi (medicine) in the himaalaya:

does sri hanumanta devaru was agnani (mindless / fool) to not to recognize the sanjeevini aushadi (medicine) in the himaalaya: let us understand this according to original 'raamaayana' (ramayana).

In the moola raamaayana and sri vaalmiki raamaayana it is written very clearly that after sri lakshmana devaru became unconscious with the arrows of meghanatha, sri raama immediately asks sri hanumanta devaru to go to the himaalaya and bring the sanjeevini moolika / aushadi (plants). with this sri hanumanta devaru accepts the words of sri raama and quickly starts towards himaalaya parvata. after reaching himaalaya parvata sri hanumanta devaru immediately recognizes the sanjeevini aushadi. we must keep in mind that sri hanumanta devaru is not an ordinary vaanara (monkey man) and he is svayam sri mukhyapraana devaru's (sri vaayu devaru)  avataara and is the next sri brahma devaru. as soon as sri hanumanta devaru sees the sanjeevini moolika, all these moolika bends its body and gives respect to the great sri hanumanta devaru. these moolika were spread over every corner of the mountain and since there was very short time to reach back lanka, sri hanumanta devaru wasting no time immediately picks up the whole mountain (if sri hanumanta devaru kept on picking up each of the sanjeevini moolika, than the time consumption would had been more) and immediately starts towards lanka. thus the life of the sri lakshmana devaru was saved. WE SHOULD UNDERSTAND HERE THAT SRI HANUMANTA DEVARU WAS IN NO DOUBT OR DILEMMA IN FINDING OUT THE CORRECT MOOLIKA. INSTEAD HE PICKS UP THE WHOLE MOUNTAIN TO SAVE THE TIME, SO THAT HE CAN REACH LANKA QUICKLY AND BEFORE TIME. sri gurubhyo namaha. om sri hanuma sita raamaaya namaha.


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