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sri brahmadeva and his fifth face

sri brahmadeva and his fifth face: once a demon named hayagrivasura steal's vedas from sri brahmadeva and to recover these great vedas from the demon sri hari takes avataara of sri hayagrivadeva and kills the demon and thus recovers the vedas from hayagrivasura. all the four vedas would be handed over to sri brahmadeva. after this sri brahmadeva adds one more extra head (this is a drama done by sripati and sri chaturmukha brahmadeva. this is just like a drama in which a person adds some extra clothing during his drama's presentation) to his existing four head to read the chatur vedas. to show the greatness of veda to the world, sri brahmadeva makes one small tiny mistake (this mistake was done intentionally, to show the world the super greatness of vedas) intentionally so that in the future nobody makes such kind of mistake intentionally or unintentionally. sri brahmadeva and sri hari want to show to the world that even a slightest mistake of chanting the vedas can lead to dis…

Why some people are rich, even though they are bad?

Why some people are rich even though they are bad: We should always keep in mind that sri hari is always with good people and never supports bad people in any way. In our shastra it is very clearly mentioned that sri mahaalakshmi will always do as per the instructions of sripati. also, in our shastra it is very clearly mentioned about two types of lakshmi. one is swayam the wife of srimann naaraayana and another is the wife of kali (this is same kali of the kaliyuga). sri hari's wife is called as the adhrushtta devi sri mahaalakshmi, whereas the kali's wife is called alakshmi. now we need to understand the difference between sri mahaalakshmi and alakshmi. both will give money (money is very ordinary word to use here as sri mahalakshmi devi is capable of giving much much much more than alone money) to people, but the bad people will never be satisfied with the good people around them. bad people will never be happy with the money they have. reasons may vary for this as bad peop…

Real meaning Arya and Dravida.

The real meaning of Arya and DraviDa:
We all think that Arya is only used by the north Indians, whereas it is Dravida in south India. 
But is it true? Is it correct? But according to our great sages the real meaning is something different. ARYA according to Rushi Valmiki means giving respect to any person. Just like at present day we use Sri, Sir, Mr., etc, our ancestors were using as Arya Putra or Arya Kanya or Arya Rama or Arya Arjuna etc. Arya is nothing but the prefix to any name. Just like we use Sri. Mahatma Gandhiji. Earlier it was Arya. Mahatma Gandhiji.
In Vedic Literature, the word Arya is nowhere defined in connection with either race or language. Instead it refers to: gentleman, good-natured, righteous person, noble-man, and is often used like ‘Sir’ or ‘Shree’ before the name of a person like Aryaputra, Aryakanya, etc.
In Ramayana (Valmiki), Rama is described as an Arya in the following words: Arya – who cared for the equality to all and was dear to everyone. Therefore, th…