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who is sri durgA devi and her various names

sri durgA devi:durgA means, someone who kills all our durgunA from inside and outside of us. Many have misconception that sri durgA devi is only the form of sri pArvati devi. it is not like that. tri devi, that is sri mahAlaksmi devi, sri sarasvati devi / sri bhArati Devi and sri pArvati devi all are sri durgA devi. all these three devis take the sri durgA devi form and come to earth to do their respective duties as per the instructions by sri mahAvishnu. that's why while doing stotra of sri durya devi, usually different names are been used like: sri harini, sri nArAyini, sri varAhi, sri nArasimhini, sri rameshini, sri krishnAhini, sri shivAni, sri rudhrAni, sri shAnkari, sri bhrAmini, etc.let us all bow down and pray sri durgA devi to kill all our durgunA and show the bhakthi to reach sri hari. sri gurubhyo namaha
om sri krishnaaya namaha