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Who is next Brahma Deva

Who is next Brahmadeva?

The present Sri Chaturmukha Brahmadeva has completed his 50 years in the Satyaloka (according to Brahmaloka calendar). He has another 50 years of lifespan. Everybody who has taken birth has to die. From Brahmadeva to Rudradeva all has to die. All of the Brahmanda (universe) has to be destroyed at some time. Just like we clean our house every now and then, Sri Hari who doesn't have death will clean our Brahmanda on each of the Mahakalpa. Except Sri Vishnu everything will perish. After Sri Rama won the battle against Ravana reached Ayodhya with all his supporters including Sri Mukhyapranadeva (Sri Hanuman). After this Sri Rama gave aashirvaada to Sri Hanuman to become Sri Brahmadeva in the next Mahakalpa. 

Similarly when Sri Bhimadeva (Bhima, the second of the Pandavas) killed the mighty Jarasandha. After this Sri Krishna gave the aashirvaada to Sri Bhimadeva to become next Sri Brahmadeva (Sri Bhimadeva is the avtaar of Vaayudeva, just like Sri Hanuman. Means Sr…

Brahmanda and universe relationship

Brahmanda and universe relationship

Oval / Egg: Many of us may know that the whole earth or universe is oval / egg shaped. This explanation was given by europeans some approximately 2000 years back. But we bhArata vAsigan (Indians) know it since ages. Our universe is called 'brahmAnDa' (read as brahmaanDa) in samskruta. Here brahmAnDa means 'the universe which is oval / egg shaped. brahmAnDa = brahma + anDa. brahma means universe and 'anDa' means oval / egg shaped. 

Sri Gurubhyo namaha Om Sri Parabrahmaaya namaha

Sri Krishna Rukmini Satyabhama story - Bhakthi is more dearer to Sri Krishna than Love:

Bhakthi is more dearer to Sri Krishna than Love:

Maata Satyabhama Devi (She is also avataara of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi), is one of the asthabhaarya of Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma. Once Devarushi, Narada Muni brings one Paarijaata flower from the Indraloka and gives it to Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma and Devarushi tells Bhagavan to handover this Paarijaata pushpa to your most loving wife. At that time Maata Rukmini Devi (She is also avataara of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi) will be beside Bhagavan and thus Bhagavan handsover the pushpa to Maata Rukmini Devi. The sugandha of that flower is so much charming that all over the Dwaraka the smell will be covered like the cloud of rain. Everyone in the Dwarka will be surprised to spell the sugandha of that flower. Maata Satyabhama Devi comes to know that the Devarushi, Narada Muni has given the Paarijaata flower to her Bhagavan and Bhagavan has given it to his first consort Maata Rukmini Devi. After knowing this Maata Satyabhama Devi becomes fur…