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Sri Krishna Rukmini Satyabhama story - Bhakthi is more dearer to Sri Krishna than Love:

Bhakthi is more dearer to Sri Krishna than Love:

Maata Satyabhama Devi (She is also avataara of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi), is one of the asthabhaarya of Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma. Once Devarushi, Narada Muni brings one Paarijaata flower from the Indraloka and gives it to Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma and Devarushi tells Bhagavan to handover this Paarijaata pushpa to your most loving wife. At that time Maata Rukmini Devi (She is also avataara of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi) will be beside Bhagavan and thus Bhagavan handsover the pushpa to Maata Rukmini Devi. The sugandha of that flower is so much charming that all over the Dwaraka the smell will be covered like the cloud of rain. Everyone in the Dwarka will be surprised to spell the sugandha of that flower. Maata Satyabhama Devi comes to know that the Devarushi, Narada Muni has given the Paarijaata flower to her Bhagavan and Bhagavan has given it to his first consort Maata Rukmini Devi. After knowing this Maata Satyabhama Devi becomes furious (we should always remember that whatever Sri Krishna and his consorts are doing are only leela and more importantly it is only to teach us lessons and improve our way of thinking and living). Maata Satyabhama Devi becomes Jealous of Maata Rukmini Devi.
Later Maata Satyabhama Devi calls the Triloka Sanchari and asks a way, how to keep her Bhagavan always with her. She asks the Brahmarushi a way so that Bhagavan should not think of any other person than herself and becomes her Daasa. For this Devarushi suggests a way. Narada Muni suggests Maata Satyabhama Devi to do a vrata so that Bhagavan will become her Daasa. (But who can make the one and only Bhagavan a Daasa). Narada Maharshi continues that the vrata should be started in the early of the morning. The wife who is doing this vrata should get up early in the morning and should take bath using only normal water (no hot water). After doing the vrata and after completing all the rules as per the vrata the wife should make the daanam of her husband to a great personality. After making the daanam of the husband the wife can take back the husband making the Tulaabharam using a takkadi (weight weighing machine). The husband should be kept on one side of the takkadi and equal weight of the valuables should be kept on the other side. Thus after completing all the formalities of the vrata, that the husband can be taken back by wife only after she puts an equal amount of the valuable on the other side of the takkadi. 
But for Maata Satyabhama Devi one thing keeps on disturbing in her mind that who should be that personality to whom she can give daanam of her husband. For this Devarushi says that the personality should be highly knowledgeable, that personality should be a great Bhaktha of Bhagavan and if he is the Trilokasanchari that it is always better. After hearing this Maata Satyabhama Devi says that Maharshi is talking about himself and requests the Maharshi himself to come tomorrow and accept the daanam. 
After all these, Maata Satyabhama Devi tells to Maharshi that she has the valuables worth millions of her Bhagavan's weight. She tells to Devarushi that she has valuables of buying millions of the Krishnas like her husband. Hearing this Narada Maharshi smiles within himself and leaves the place.
Then the day comes for the tulaabharam. After completing all the formalities of the vrata, Maata Satyabhama Devi comes for the tulaabharam of her husband, of her Bhagavan along with Narada Maharshi and Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramaatma. Paramaatma sits on the one side of the takkadi and Maata Satyabhama Devi starts to keep all the valuables on the other side of the takkadi. First she keeps her Bhanuvaar's (Sunday) jewellery, then Somavaar's (Monday) jewellery, then Mangalvaar's, then Budhavaar's, then Guruvaar's, Shukravaar's and also the Shanivaar's jewellery. But the otherside of the takkadi will not move even an inch. Than Maata Satyabhama Devi calls her sakhi and orders her to bring all the other jewellery from her jewellery room. Maata Satyabhama Devi starts keeping all the jewellery on the otherside of the Bhagavan. But to Maata Satyabhama Devi's surprise nothing happens. Now Maata Satyabhama Devi orders her sakhis to bring all the gold, diamonds, rubies, jems which were given by her parents. Even on keeping all these nothing moves. Now Maata Satyabhama Devi starts to loose her cool and starts shouting at all the people present at the tulaabharam (expect at Narada Maharshi, as he is the present owner of her husband). Maharshi asks Maata Satyabhama Devi what is her next plan. For this no answer comes from Maata Satyabhama Devi. After this Narada Maharshi orders Bhagavan to come along with him outside (this is just to teach lesson to paamara like us or else who can order to swayam Bhagavan). Thus Narada Maharshi brings Bhagavan to a market and starts to auction him in the market. Devarshi tells the people of Dwaraka that who ever makes the highest bid can take the Bhagavan with himself. (Who will come forward for this. Everyone knows, no body can buy Bhagavan with money and greed). Thus nobody comes front to buy Bhagavan.
At his stage Maata Satyabhama Devi would have lost all her furiousness, her ego, her own greatness (again, please remember this is the lesson for us and nothing else). Maata Satyabhama Devi with her eyes full of water comes near the Narada Maharshi and again asks a way to get back her husband. For this Maharshi says, that nothing can buy or win over Bhagavan. No money, no jewelley, no gems, no rubies, no diamonds, no palaces, nothing can buy or win Bhagavan except a SHUDDHHA BHAKTHI (pure devotion). For this again Maata Satyabhama Devi requests to Maharshi that how Shuddhha Bhakthi can win Bhagavan. For this Devarshi says that only a person with Shuddhha Bhakthi can win Bhagavan. Maata Satyabhama Devi weeping asks trilokasanchari that who is that person on this earth who has a Shuddhha Bhakthi so that person can win Bhagavan. For this Maharshi says, there are millions of such people around this globe. One among is the great Maata Rukmini Devi. Then immediately Maata Satyabhama Devi requests her sakhis to bring Maata Rukmini Devi. Maata Rukmini Devi after hearing everything from the sakhi, brings a leaf of Tulasi plant (Tuladi dala) along with her. After reaching the place of Tulaabharam, immediately Maata Rukmini Devi prays for the Bhagavan silently and keeps the leaf of Tulasi on the other side of the Takkadi. Immediately the Takkadi balances with the weight of the Bhagavan and the Tulasi leaf being the same weight of the Bhagavan himself and thus Maata Rukmini Devi being the wife of the Bhagavan wins back the Bhagavan to herself.
After this Maharshi Narada Muni tells to everybody present in the place that "ONLY BHAKTHI CAN WIN BHAGAVAN AND NOTHING ELSE".



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