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Yugadi (Ugadi) and April Fools day

Earlier English calendar was known as Julius calendar which had only 10 months (March - 1st month, April - 2nd month, May - 3rd month, June - 4th month, July - 5th month, August - 6th month, September - 7th month, October - 8th month, November - 9th month and December - 10th month) in it. But later another two months (January and February) were added to make it a full year as Christians' Easter was not coming exactly in a particular time. Earlier Easter was coming in January or March or so on. To adjust this Europeans first tried to understand Hindu Panchanga (calendar) and they adjusted as per Hindu Panchanga. Thus a total of twelve months came into existence. This new English calendar is known as Gregorian calendar which started since around 500 years. In Julius (old calendar) calendar since it had only ten months, even last four months like September (7th month), October (8th month), November (9th month) and December (10th month) are pure …