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What is real humanity

What is humanity? 

Few days before, I had asked to few people about this. 

Human means 'manushya' and 'nity' or 'neeti' means someone who not only belongs to the 'sanAtana dharma' but also follows it. Few other meanings of 'neeti' are job, work, policy, dharma, equity, correct path, principles etc. Thus people who follow the correct 'neeti' / 'ನೀತಿ' / 'dharma' are called humans with 'humanity'. This humanity can't be shown to 'adharmis', that is who doesn't follow the correct 'dharma'. For example in earlier days so called humans like 'duryodhana', 'dushAsana', 'shakuni', etc never followed any 'dharma' that's the reason they were killed in such a way by 'pandavagan'. The main difference between these 'kauravagan' and 'pAnDavagan' is only one thing. That is 'dharma' or 'neeti'. 
Even today, we can see many many 'ad…