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Garuda Panchami - About Garuda Raja

Garuda Panchami - About Garuda Raja
Most of us have heard of Sri Nagara Panchami. But now, let us know about Sri Garuda Panchami.

Sri Garuda Raja is regarded as the highest among all the birds. He is the one of the greatest devotee of Sri Hari and is equal to Sri Shesha Nagaraja and Sri Rudra Deva in yogita. Sri Garuda Panchami is celebrated mostly on the same day of the Sri Nagara Panchami or sometimes it may vary as this is the day when Sri Garuda Raja took birth.

This is that bird on which Srimann Narayana travels all over the infinite universes. Sri Garuda Raja is so sacred that even someone who takes the name of this bird can attain mukti / moksha as this Sri Garuda Raja always stays in Sri Vaikunta Loka to show his bhakti towards svayam Sri Maha Vishnu (We should remember that as Sri Hari travels on the Sri Garuda Raja, it doesn't mean that Sri Maha Vishnu is dependent on Sri Garuda Raja, no, never. Srimann Narayana wants to show his krupa kataaksha towards all his devotees acc…

Nagara Panchami

Nagara Panchami 
Many of us are celebrating Nagara Panchami today.

Now let us understand briefly about this festival.

Mainly there are three types of sri sarpa devatagan according to our shastra. They are as given below:

1. Sri Sesha Deva or Sri Aadi Deva or Sri Ananta Shesha Deva.

This is that serpent on which Sri Hari sleeps. For this reason Srimann Narayana is known as Sri Shesha Shayi (Shesha means serpent Sri Shesha and Shayi means sleeping). The parents of this greatest serpent (best serpent among all the snakes) are Sri Kashyapa Maharushi and Srimati Kadru Devi. This serpent is regarded as the most powerful among all the serpents.

2. Sri Subramanya / Sri Kartikeya / Sri Skanda / Sri Shanmugha

He is the son of Sri Rudra Deva and Srimati Parvati Devi. He is regarded as the army chief or chief soldier among the Demigods. He is the protector of all the Demigods. He is said to be the second most powerful among all the serpents.

3. Sri Vasuki Deva

This is the serpent who is around th…